The Vice-Rector for Research is the highest level organization of the National University of Engineering in the field of research. It is in charge of supervising, guiding, coordinating and organizing the projects and activities that are developed through the different academic units. Organizes the dissemination of knowledge and promotes the application of research results, as well as technology transfer and the use of research sources, integrating fundamentally the academics, private enterprises and government institutions. (Art. 136 – UNI’s Statute)

Mission “To train leading professionals in science, engineering and architecture, in permanent interaction with Peruvian society, in a humanistic, scientific and technological manner with a clear awareness of our country as a multicultural reality, with criteria of quality, relevance and social responsibility, in order to provide training focused on research, creation and development of technologies to boost the development of the country. “

Vision “Academic institution with professional careers internationally accredited for its high quality in scientific research and technological innovation, committed to entrepreneurship, the competitiveness of human capital in public and private spheres, with social responsibility and sustainable development”.

High professional and human level of our teachers UNI Researchers

The prestige and recognition that the National University of Engineering has, is the result of the high professional level and the ethical commitment that our research teachers possess. UNI recognizes and appreciates their dedication to combine their teaching activity with research in the different lines of research that Peru needs, including undergraduate and graduate students in the various stages of it. As a public university, the commitment of our institution and of our research teachers towards society will always be to report the results of research in an open, integral and timely manner. And thus contribute to the construction of a democratic, plural and tolerant society that based its development on scientific evidence.


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